Overview of the didactic program

Music and Acoustic Engineering is a two-year Master Program that falls within the area of Information Engineering (the "reference disciplinary area", as identified by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research is LM-32, corresponding to Computer Science and Engineering).

This M.S. program has two tracks, Acoustic Engineering identified as MCR and Music Engineering identifies as MMI. The MCR track is offered in Cremona Campus and has a special focus on computational, vibrational, musical and room acoustics. The ME track is offered in Milano Leonardo Campus and is more concerned with all aspects of musical informatics; audio and multimedia signal processing; music information extraction and retrieval; and music production technologies.

The following are the  main courses that characterize both tracks:

  • Fundamentals of Acoustics (1st yr, 1st sem);
  • Computer Music - Representations and Models (1st yr, 1st sem);
  • Advanced Coding Tools and Methodologies (1st yr, 1st sem);
  • Electronics and Electroacoustics for Sound Engineering (1st yr, 2nd sem);
  • Fundamentals of Vibration Analysis and Vibroacostics (1st yr, 2nd sem);
  • Computer Music - Languages and Systems (1st yr, 2nd sem)

The following courses are specific of Acoustic Engineering:

  • Signals and Systems (1st yr, 2nd sem)
  • Musical Acoustics (2nd yr, 1st sem)
  • Room Acoustics (2nd yr, 1st sem)
  • Numerical Modeling an Simulation in Acoustics (2nd yr, 1 st sem);
  • Digital Audio Analysis and Processing (2nd yr, 2nd sem);
  • Courses from the Department of Musicology of the University of Pavia, offered in Cremona.

The following courses are specific of Music Engineering:

  • Multimedia Signal Processing (1st yr, 1st sem)
  • Sound Analysis, Synthesis and Processing (1st yr, 2nd sem)
  • Creative Programming and Computing (2nd yr, 1st sem)
  • Music Production Technologies (2nd yr, 1st sem)
  • Courses from the Conservatory of Music of Milan.

Note: syllabi of the above courses will be published as soon as they will be updated.